Chromatic Inspiration Of Concreate And Natural Stones Effect, Create A Visual And Tactile Sensation Of Strong Personality That Can Be Used In Any Type Of Project. Customize Residential, Commercial And Pubblic Spaces. Dream Graphite 80×80 Rett. Dream Smoke 80×80 Rett. Dream Grey 80×80 Rett. Dream Taupe 80×80 Rett. Skirtings and Mosaics available OTHER COLLECTIONS

Avantgarde 80×80

Elegant urban style, 3 modern colors means 3 solutions that can be used to apply emotions to any environments, innovative digital printing of rectified slabs. Dynamism of contemporary solutions. Avantgrade Dark 80×80 Rett. Avantgrade Taupe 80×80 Rett. Avantgrade Light 80×80 Rett. Skirtings and Mosaics available OTHER COLLECTIONS

Marmocemento 80×80

A collection inspired by a charming marble, faithfully reproduced in the technical quality of porcelain stoneware and declined in a modern and elegant size, the 80×80.Marmocemento is the perfect choice for adding depth and refinement to any environment. Marmocemento Cenere 80×80 Rett. Marmocemento Graphite 80×80 Rett. Marmocemento Taupe 80×80 Rett. Marmocemento Fumé 80×80 Rett. Skirtings and Mosaics…