Polished Marbles

Polished marbles may very well be our most sophisticated collection. From the London Smoke to the Carrara Levigato, this set of marble tiles will bring a touch of elegance to even the simplest surface. Available in 2 sizes and 8 colors. London Smoke 80×80 Polished and Rectified Carrara Levigato 80×80 Polished and Rectified Bardiglio Beige…


Available in 4 natural tones and designed to recreate the seamless beauty of veining and knots found in real wood, this beautiful collection offers an intense sense of harmony and comfort. Rovere Reale 30×60 Rovere Decapè 30×60 Skirtings and Mosaics available OTHER COLLECTIONS


This metropolitan styled collection will transform the look of any destination. Modern and smooth surfaces combine with delicate nuances for a surprising quality that is wonderful to touch. Beton Black 60×60 Beton Black 30×60 Beton Silver 60×60 Beton Silver 30×60 Beton mosaico mix 30×30 Skirtings and Mosaics available OTHER COLLECTIONS


For your indoor and outdoor surfaces, this collection uses the technical properties of the concrete to generate a sense of stability and refinement. Available in 3 different colors. Concrete White 60×60 Concrete Grey 60×60 Concrete Antracite 60×60 Skirtings and Mosaics available OTHER COLLECTIONS

Outdoor 18/20mm

Patios, balconies, gardens,… This 18mm collection will give style to any of your outdoor locations. Terrazzo Piasentina Beige 60×60 18mm Terrazzo Bach 60×60 18mm – R11 Terrazzo Brenta 60×60 18mm – R11 Terrazzo Bluestone 60×60 18mm – R11 Terrazzo Wagner 60×60 18mm – R11 Masay Grey 46×92 18mm – R11 Masay Beige 46×92 18mm -…


This collection conveys a traditional mood and a timeless elegance, and yet at the same time is also able to characterize architectural and interior design projects with a modern appeal. F-Stone Sabbia Rectified Available in sizes: 30X60 / 60X60 / 80X80 F-Stone Grigio Rectified Available in sizes: 30X60 / 60X60 / 80X80 F-Stone Cenere Rectified…


With its metropolitan look, this porcelain stoneware is born to address today’s design for an high-value result. Space Ash 90X90 Rett. Space Ash 30×60 Rett. Space Ash Mosaico 30×30 Space Ash 60×60 Rett. Space Ash 60×120 Rett. Space Light 90X90 Rett. Space Light 30×60 Rett. Space Light Mosaico 30×30 Space Light 60×60 Rett. Space Light…